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Theft Crimes Attorney in Orlando, Florida

Crimes involving Theft seem cut and dry and can be easily enhanced if you have prior offenses. The Court can even seek to suspend your driving privileges for numerous Theft convictions. For these reasons, it is important to be certain all steps were taken to protect your rights including interrogations conducted against you.

Courts sometimes view theft crimes as open and shut even when they are not. Our Orlando Theft Crimes Attorney is a former prosecutor who has years of experience in representing clients charged with all levels of theft offenses.​ In Florida, Theft is typically a criminal offense that is related to taking, misappropriating, or otherwise depriving another person of property or money, with the intention of either permanently or temporarily depriving the rightful owner of its use.

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Theft may be related to fraud, in cases involving deception, or may be committed by way of violence or threats. The following are examples of theft offenses in which we have represented clients throughout Central Florida:

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A Theft conviction can carry a serious impact on one's life. Seeking gainful employment can become difficult as a Theft conviction carries with it a stigma of lack of trust for potential employers. If faced with a Theft Offense, contact an experienced and aggressive Orlando Theft Crimes Lawyer who will fight for your rights.

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