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Early Termination of
Probation in Orlando, Florida

Seeking Removal of Probation Terms and Conditions

If you are convicted of an offense, the court might order you to probation. This sanction allows you to serve your time outside of prison. However, it does not mean you can carry on with your life as you once did. When on probation, you may be subject to many terms and conditions that place limitations on you. Probation does have a set term, which means it will eventually expire, and you will no longer be required to adhere to court-ordered conditions. In some cases, though, you can request to have your probation terminated earlier. The process is complex and should be handled with the help of an experienced attorney.

If you believe you might be eligible for early termination of your probation in Orlando, speak with our lawyer at Z Law Firm today. We'll thoroughly review your situation to determine whether you're eligible for this relief and will guide you through the process of requesting it. Our attorney is committed to helping make a difference in the lives of those accused and convicted of criminal offenses. We will work toward obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

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How Long Is Probation?

If you're placed on probation, the length of time you must be on it depends on your specific situation. Typically, in misdemeanor cases, probationary periods range from 6 to 12 months (depending on the charge). For felony cases, the periods can be significantly longer.

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What Terms and Conditions Are Imposed?

Probation almost always comes with conditions.

The requirements are numerous and may include:

  • Reporting regularly to a probation officer

  • Allowing the probation officer to search your home

  • Staying in a specific geographic area

  • Paying restitution to the alleged victim

  • Supporting legal dependents

  • Refraining from using intoxicants

  • Being subject to drug and/or alcohol testing

  • Completing anger management classes

If you fail to abide by any of the terms and conditions, you might be charged with a violation of probation. One of the benefits of terminating the probationary period early means you won't have to worry about being charged with an offense for non-criminal behavior.

Who's Eligible for Early Termination of Probation?

Unfortunately, not everyone who's on probation can seek early termination. You must meet specific criteria to request this type of relief.

To be eligible for early termination of probation:

  • You must complete at least half of your probationary period

  • You must successfully complete court-ordered terms and conditions

  • You must not have been accused of a probation violation

  • Early termination must not have been excluded from your negotiated sentence

  • You must not be a violent felony offender

A judge will thoroughly review your case, and they have full discretion in determining whether to grant your request. They will take into account the criteria listed above, as well as the impacts your early release from probation would have on the community.

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