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Being arrested, charged with a crime, or convicted of an offense can have profound consequences on your life. With a criminal record, you might have difficulty getting a job, qualifying for a loan, or even getting into a college or university. If you were found guilty, you might have been incarcerated or placed on probation, which could affect your ability to live your life as you once did. Fortunately, Florida offers various post-conviction relief options that can help you get a fresh start or relieve you of some of the sentencing conditions imposed upon you. Understanding your options and how to go about requesting them can be challenging without the help of a skilled attorney.

At Z Law Firm, our lawyer has 18 years of criminal trial experience and knows the ins and out of the justice system and its processes. If you have questions about your eligibility for post-conviction relief in Orlando or you would like to know more about getting started, reach out to us today. We will provide honest answers and explain your legal options.

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What Types of Post-Conviction Options Are Available in Florida?

In Florida, several different post-conviction relief options are available.

Our Orlando attorney can help you pursue any of the following:

  • Early termination of probation: Being placed on probation is an opportunity to avoid incarceration. If you're put on probation, you will be ordered to complete certain terms and conditions. You may also be required to refrain from engaging in specific behaviors. If you abide by all requirements, you might be eligible to seek early termination of your probation. To determine your eligibility, courts may ask the following:

    • Have you completed at least one-half of your probation period?

    • Have you completed all of the court-ordered terms and conditions?

    • Have you satisfied your financial obligations (fines, court costs, costs of supervision, restitution)?

    • Did you otherwise stay out of trouble while you were being supervised?

If you can answer "yes" to all of the questions above, you might be eligible for early termination of probation. Contact us to learn more about this option.

  • Violation of probation: You might have had numerous terms and conditions of probation placed upon you and inadvertently violated one. In such a situation, you could be accused of committing an offense and have your probation revoked. If you are facing revocation, call us today to discuss your case. Our post-conviction lawyer will fight for your release from bond and determine what options are available to work toward your continued release from custody.

  • Seal and expunge: At the conclusion of your criminal case, you might find yourself fortunate enough to have either had your charges dismissed or been acquitted by a jury of your peers. If that happened, you might be eligible to petition the State of Florida to have your record expunged. Speak with our experienced attorney to help determine whether you are eligible for this type of relief and get guidance through the process.

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The process of seeking relief after an arrest, charge, or conviction is complex, and various nuances can make it challenging to navigate. Contact Z Law Firm for the skilled legal advice you need.

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