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DUI Checkpoints Attorney in Orlando, Florida

If you were arrested and charged with a DUI offense that resulted from being stopped at a DUI Checkpoint, it is imperative to seek the advice and counsel of a lawyer who is experienced in the defense of DUI Checkpoint cases.​ Our DUI Checkpoint Lawyer is a former DUI Prosecutor who has represented clients who have been arrested at DUI Checkpoints throughout Central Florida. Call our office today to learn about DUI Checkpoints and what we can do to defend your DUI charges.

​​Are DUI Checkpoints Legal In the State of Florida, law enforcement is permitted to utilize DUI Checkpoints in an effort to combat drunk driving offenses. However, law enforcement must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that the checkpoint does not violate the 4th Amendment.

Some of the guidelines that must be followed include:

  • Advanced notice must be published

  • The checkpoint cannot interfere with traffic

  • Law enforcement must make their presence clearly known

  • Checkpoint procedures must be uniformly applied

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Through our investigative efforts, if we see that law enforcement were negligent or simply did not adhere to their written policy and procedure, then we will seek to have your detention and arrest thrown out in court.

If your DUI arrest resulted from a DUI Checkpoint, call our office today to begin your defense.