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Heroin Possession
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Tough Defense for Heroin-Related Crimes Across Orlando and Seminole County

Over the last decade, heroin use in the United States has increased dramatically. As a result of the surge in opioid usage, law enforcement officials and the State have been cracking down and imposing harsh sentences on those convicted of heroin-related crimes.

If you have been arrested and charged with possession of heroin, it is important to speak with a lawyer who knows how to handle these types of cases.

At Z Law Firm, we understand the seriousness of being charged with a drug crime, such as heroin possession. That is why we take the time to learn about your situation from your perspective and build a unique defense to fight your charges.

Our Orlando lawyer has over 15 years of criminal defense experience and has represented hundreds of clients accused of drug-related crimes throughout Central Florida. We will leverage our knowledge, skills, and abilities to work toward a favorable outcome in your case.

We are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused. To speak with us during a free and confidential consultation, call us today.

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What Are the Potential Penalties for A Heroin-Related Offense in Florida?

In Florida, drugs are listed under 5 categories known as Schedules. Heroin is a Schedule I drug, which means it is considered one of the most dangerous. Controlled substances under this schedule have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use.

As such, the punishments for any offense involving heroin are severe.

The specific conviction penalties depend on the facts of your case, the amount of the substance involved, and your prior record.

Some of the punishments for heroin-related offenses include:

  • Possession of heroin: If you are found to be in possession of heroin and convicted of the offense, your penalties can include up to 5 years in prison, up to 5 years of probation, up to $5,000 in fines, and 1-year driver's license suspension.

  • Sale and delivery of heroin: If you are found guilty of having sold less than 4 grams of heroin, your penalties can include up to 15 years in prison, up to 15 years of probation, up to $10,000 in fines, and 1-year driver's license suspension.

  • Trafficking heroin: Penalties for heroin trafficking are incredibly severe and will vary depending on the weight of the substance. If it's alleged that you trafficked more than 4 but less than 14 grams, you could be facing a mandatory 3-year prison sentence and a $50,000 fine. If the weight is greater than 14 but less than 28 grams, the penalties you face include a 15-year minimum mandatory sentence and a $100,000 fine. Trafficking more than 28 grams but less than 30 kilograms, results in a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years and a fine of $500,000.

Aside from prison time and fines, sanctions for heroin-related offenses can include counseling, treatment, and probation.

Our aggressive attorneys will fight for your rights and work to win your drug charges. Schedule a no-charge, no-obligation case evaluation with our Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney today.

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Due to the harsh penalties that can be imposed upon you for a heroin-related crime, it's crucial that you handle your case with the help of a skilled drug crime lawyer serving Orlando.

At Z Law Firm, our Orlando heroin possession attorney is committed to protecting the rights of individuals charged with this type of offense.

Allow us to guide you through the complex criminal justice process and fight your charges. To schedule your free consultation, call us or contact us online.