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Orlando DUI Pre-Trial Diversion

Z Law Firm Aug. 9, 2017

Exploring Options to Dismiss DUI Charges in Orlando

This morning in Palm Beach County, Florida, Tiger Woods' DUI Lawyer appeared at arraignment and advised the Court that Tiger would enter into a DUI Diversion Program. The Program will require Tiger to be placed on one-year of supervision, pay a $250 fine plus court costs, complete 50-hours of community service, attend a DUI class, and attend and participate in a workshop. Under the terms of the agreement, if Tiger Woods is able to successfully complete the program, the State Attorney's Office will dismiss his DUI charge. Tiger Woods DUI Diversion

In Orlando, there is a similar program that can be offered to first-time DUI offenders. An Orlando DUI Lawyer will typically explore this as an option once all other defenses have been reviewed. Factors that the State will consider in determining whether to offer the DUI Diversion Program as an option include:

  • The facts of the case;

  • ​The breath result must be between 0.08 - 0.220%;

  • ​There cannot be a crash involved;

  • ​You cannot have participated in any other diversion programs;

  • ​You cannot have any prior alcohol-related offenses​​

The Prosecutor has complete discretion in deciding whether to refer a case to the DUI Diversion Program. Having a skilled Orlando DUI Diversion Lawyer working and negotiating with the State could make the ultimate difference. Call us to learn if your DUI case is eligible for the Orlando DUI Diversion Program.