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Best Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer | Z Law Firm

How to Find the Best Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

Z Law Firm Nov. 11, 2022

Best Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

An arrest is not something that anyone ever plans for.  But when it happens, decisions must be made quickly.  Your first order of business is contacting a bondsman to get yourself out of jail.  Once this accomplished, your next order of business is finding a Seminole County Criminal Defense Lawyer to defend you.  Finding the best lawyer can make the difference in the outcome of your case.

First, find a lawyer that you can trust and communicate with.  Too often, I end up handling cases where clients come to me after finding that the lawyer they initially hired never returned their calls.  Communication is important.  Next, find a lawyer who focuses their practice on criminal defense.  Law Firms that tell you that they can help you with your criminal case, personal injury case, and family law case will not be a good fit.  When your liberties are at stake, you do not want a lawyer who primarily handles divorces and car accident cases sitting next to you in court.  Be sure that your lawyer is a criminal defense attorney.  Finally, EXPERIENCE MATTERS.  Criminal cases can turn your life upside down.  The last thing you should want is a criminal lawyer using your case as their vehicle to gain experience.  Find that lawyer that has experience defending a case like the one you are facing.

Attorney Michael Zmijewski has over two-decades of experience in Florida Criminal Trial Law.  He is a Former Prosecutor with over 18-years of defending clients charged with criminal offenses throughout Seminole County, Florida.  He is a Five Star Rated Criminal Defense Attorney, but don’t take his word for it, look at his Testimonials and Reviews his clients have left for him.  If faced with criminal charges, call an experienced Seminole County Criminal Defense Attorney to fight for you.