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Violations of Probation

Being placed on probation can seem like a relief.  Avoiding jail time or prison time surely is a win.  But a probationary sentence is not the end to the case, it is only the beginning.  While on probation, there are terms and conditions that you will need to complete to successfully complete your term of probation.

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Finding the Best DUI Lawyer in Orlando

Being arrested for a drunk driving/DUI offense can be a life-altering event. A Florida DUI conviction can result in a number of consequences, from a driver's license suspension and ignition interlock device to jail time and harsh fines.

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Orlando DUI Pre-Trial Diversion

This morning in Palm Beach County, Florida, Tiger Woods' DUI Lawyer appeared at arraignment and advised the Court that Tiger would enter into a DUI Diversion Program. The Program will require Tiger to be placed on one-year of supervision, pay a $250 fine plus court costs, complete 50-hours of community service, attend a DUI class, and attend and participate in a workshop.

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Criminal Defense - Escape

Claudio J. Poillot was serving a 48-month prison sentence for a felony conviction. While in state custody and being housed at the Kissimmee Community Center, Poillot began employment with a construction company, JS & Son Construction Services through the work release program.

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